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On this page you will find out how much Reuben means to me and why no one will ever have a chance at being with me. The answer is simple... Reuben is my soulmate and the only one for me... I love you so much Reuben I couldn't say that enough to express the love I have for you.


This is a picture of me and Reuben being crazy lol that only lasted a day....lol


Here is a pic of Reuben and our good friend Kenny.. goofy mother fuckers lol!!!!


This is my baby Reuben with our old cat... Bruce.. Dumb cat left us though when it decided after of months of leaving the window open it finally decided to leave. lol


This is my baby looking sexy!!!!!!!









This is my husband-to-be. I miss him so much. Unfortunately one of live's consiquences has us apart right now. I believe that we will be back together soon. I love him. He is the one I am planning on spending the rest of my life with. He is my angel. No one can come in between us. Nothing can stop us now. Our love is so strong that only God can would prevail over it. Nothing is more powerful than God. I believe in my heart and Reuben believe's in his heart that we were meant to be together! If you are one of my single friends looking for a fuck buddy or someone to be with..... you deffinately come to the wrong place!!!!!! Sorry for ya! But don't go looking for someone. That person will come to you. It most of the time happens like that. Trust me!


If anyone else in my family has a web site, I might include a link to it here.