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So you saw my first site... you just figured why not see my 2nd Chapter... Have fun!!!!

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So whats up? Yes I have a whole brand new site....I didn't want to pay for the space and really couldn't afford it so I have this new site now.. I will still be updating on the other site and also this one now.... I love tripod!! So have fun with this!! This will have something totally new on it. I will have something that everyone will like!!!

If I find out anyone that I am close to goes around Meth or Smokes Meth I am gonna be pissed!!!!!!!

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I like to say that this is going to be a fun filled ride so hold on!

Hey its me... My brother Ben is getting better now.. I've been told by his mother that he is begining to talk and walk now... I want to see him so bad but I don't have a way to Indianapolis... this sucks!!! Damn I mean its been since his b-day and that was like 2 months ago... I miss him.

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Dj Rankin's Version of Listen to your heart.......... DON'T PLAY IT IF YOU DON'T LIKE TECHNO!

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